Jun 6, 2023

version #1

The Possible

Naghmeh Manavi

The space is fully lit. Chairs are arranged in a semicircle for the audience. At the center, on a 20-centimeter-high platform, another chair of the same type is placed facing the audience.
The performance space also serves as the foyer. Prior to the start of the show, the performer greets audience members one by one and helps them choose their seats. She encourages them to make themselves at home, place their stuff on the chairs, and come and go as they wish. As their host, the performer’s job is to make the audience feel that the performance is a continuation of the earlier interaction.
When the performer stands at the center of the semi-circle, facing the audience, the stage becomes a big belly that has engulfed the audience. The space is the performer’s body, pregnant with this performative interaction.
At the start of the performance, the performer stands on the platform behind the chair and points to the empty chair during her speech. She stands erect, speaks in a clear tone and makes eye contact with the audience.


I’m going to to talk to you for about thirty minutes.

I’m going to to sit myself down on this chair and discuss heredity and procreation.

I’m going to to refer to myself as an example.


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