Aug 26, 2014


Supplement to an Enduring Romance

Supplement to an Enduring Romance is a bookshelf designed for the 74 volumes of books published by a group of students who had occupied the American embassy in Iran in 1979. The books consist of reprints and Persian translations of official US government documents that were found in the embassy. Many of the titles were reassembled from their shredded originals and the artists spent some time in collecting and bringing together the volumes – to this date, they are missing three volumes in their collection. The work plays with the obscure nature of the supplement and the way it both complements and situates deficiency. While there is a reference to the way the books have supplemented the Iran/US relations and the Iranian post-revolutionary identity, the object between the angled mirrors has a supplementary, intermediate and ornamental role within the bookshelf itself. The title may also hint on the equally obscure relation between art and politics. 

Supplement to an Enduring Romance, 2014 [volume 1-71 of the “Documents from the US Espionage Den”], Installation View, Moderation,  Witte de With Centre for contemporary art, Rotterdam, NL., 2014- wood, Mirror, Books, 163 x 36 x 27 cm

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