Thicker Than Paint Thinner

HD Video, 29', 2011

Director: Babak Afrassiabi

Actor: Ayat Najafi

Camera: Claire Pijman

Sound: Ludo keeris

Based on a true story, this film is about Hossein, a former drug addict who had participated in setting fire to a cinema in Iran during the months leading the victory of the 1979 Islamic revolution, causing the death of nearly 400 people. The film is also about Seyyed, the protagonist in the movie that was being screened in the cinema during the incident: a drug addicts who becomes a revolutionary and dies in a gun battle with the police. While Seyyed succeeds in dying for his cause, Hossein is forsaken by the post-revolutionary establishment, even when he plea’s for his own punishment.

Still from Thicker that Paint Thinner

2011, Babak Afrassiabi

Excerpt from Thicker that Pain Thinner

2011, Babak Afrassiabi